I have real passion for teaching. I am a firm believer that education can and should be fun. I have learned much about adult education in my career and in my the actual practice of education. In some classes I use an audience response system (clickers) to provide immediate feedback for the participants to check their learning progress. I believe in developing critical thinking skills and in some courses, I use a high fidelity human patient simulator to engage the students. My belief is that you, the student are the center of learning and I strive to make it your experience. I am a life long learner and I’m always trying to improve myself in the art of adult education. I get plenty of practice: Over 100 seminars annually.

I do my classes at local, regional, national, and even international venues as past of a conference or a stand alone conferences. Many location have built annual events around my classes and call them STEMI Summits. I am a avid supporter of Mission LifeLine and have done many classes for the AHA. I present at hospital and colleges, fire stations and national parks. Anywhere!

I also have a keen interest in clinical competency programs where providers can ensure their competency through various methods. I can develop custom plans for your service. For information about me, click on the “what about Bob” link. 

Edutainment Seminars and Consulting, LLC

Entertaining Medical Education



Entertaining Medical Education

Personal Statement: Bob Page

Responding to the need for quality education solutions that are entertaining and educational, Bob Page and staff travel the world bringing high quality, fun learning experiences to health care professionals. Using sound adult education principles, the classes are designed for fast learning and use the latest in technology and experiential learning techniques to improve long term retention of important clinical information.

This website is an educational resource and directory of  the classes offered. Within the website you will find information on the classes, handouts for the seminar available for download, ideas and procedures for arranging a seminar for your location. You will also find class specific information on 12 Lead Classes, Capnography, Stethoscopy, and other timely and important medical topics.